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The Grace Academy Difference

We know the importance of ensuring your children have the best education possible. At Grace Academy we believe that each family is investing in the future of their children. In the 21st century, families have more options to pursue excellence in education than ever before. It is our deepest desire to help you understand what makes Grace Academy such an incredible option for your family.

Christ Honoring Environment
As a private, Christian based institution, Grace Academy is dedicated to providing a safe, Christ honoring environment where our students can thrive. This environment ensures that in addition to the focus on educational excellence, we are devoted to instilling Biblical character into our students. With required Bible teaching and weekly chapel services, each student is immersed in an expertly crafted curriculum designed to instill faith, honor, and excellence into each child.  We also include biblically sound teaching in other subject areas.

Advanced Curriculum
Grace Academy utilizes industry leading curricula, like the Abeka Curriculum, ACSI/Purposeful Design, Handwriting Without Tears, BJU Press, and Teaching Textbooks, to provide a robust, rich blend of courses for our students. As an agile education institution, we are able to modify and tailor our curriculum based on the unique needs of our students. By providing a challenging environment, our students thrive and grow intellectually as well as spiritually. On average, Grace Academy students test consistently higher than their peers in public school systems. 

Average Classroom Size
In addition to a rich curriculum designed to challenge students to excel, our classroom size ensures that students are not overlooked as they grow. On average, our classroom size features a teacher to student ratio of 7 students to 1 instructor. With the intimate classroom sizes, students receive more one-on-one attention that enables them to thrive. 

Testing Statistics
We believe in a balanced approach to student development that focuses on their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health. Although testing is not the only measurement of success when it comes to the success of our programs, on average our students have tested nationally above their grade level. 

Club Availability
Grace Academy believes that providing extracurricular activities that further enrich our students' experience is key. Grace Academy provides a growing list of clubs for the enrichment of our students. Club availability includes STEM, Robotics, Yearbook, the Drama Club, Art Club, and more.

Civic Leadership
As a part of our commitment to develop the next generation of Christian leaders in North Georgia, Grace Academy requires all students to achieve at least 80 hours of community service volunteer hours during grades 9-12, prior to graduation. This ensures that students understand the critical importance of being engaged, serving, loving, and supporting organizations within their community. This requirement is a part of our desire to see each of our students learning to be Christ honoring servant leaders. 

Supporting Students Pursuing Trades
As a part of our ongoing mission to equip our students for life after grade school, we are committed to helping students learn about, engage with, and when called, pursue their life's calling in the trades. We realize that a one-size-fits-all approach to secondary education does not encourage students to thrive professionally, so each student is encouraged to explore all options to fulfill God's specific calling on their lives.

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